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Caibou, Maine, Collins Mill Dam: digital painting July, 2009.
File: CollinsMillDam_RW_4223.jpg. Custom sizes and framing available.
Price Item Description Image Name
$57.14 - 11"x14" metal frame digitalpaintingsCollinsMillDam_RW_4223.jpg
$95.24 - 16"x20" metal frame digitalpaintingsCollinsMillDam_RW_4223.jpg
Purchases are made through our Secure PayPal Account using your credit card. It is not necessary for you to have a PayPal account. When you get to your shopping cart, you can add additional copies and delete items. Shipping and Maine Sales Taxes will be calculated at check-out. You may also just print the PayPal invoice and mail it with a check or your credit card information. Also you can stop by here at the lake to see other images and make arrangements for framing. Note: shopping security may slow your web browsing so please be patient. Final retouching and color correction will be done when prints are finished. Images will be cropped to fit finished proportions.

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