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This is a new (summer 2009) series of experimental digital "paintings." Custom framing is available. Email me. Click on an image to see a larger version with an order form.

Caribou, Maine, Collins Pond Park Trees: digital painting, July, 2009
(file: CollinsPondParkTreesBackLight_RW_4227.jpg)
Caribou, Maine, Baptist Church over Caribou Stream Bridge:digital painting July, 2009
(file: _RW_4226UBChurchPainting.jpg)
Caibou, Maine, Collins Mill Dam: digital painting July, 2009
(file: CollinsMillDam_RW_4223.jpg)
Fort Kent, Maine, Fish River & St. John River Ferns: digital painting July, 2009
(file: Fish&StJohnFerns2Painting070909.jpg)
Cary Library, Caribou, Maine, July 2005, digital painting July 2009
(file: CaribouLibraryBaptistChurchIMG_5503painting2.jpg)

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